For us, life is all about family. We are a family owned and operated business. But it is not just our own family for which we are concerned- we care deeply about your family too!

That is why Quality Appliance is stepping up efforts to SAVE OUR PLANET- and at the same time, SAVE YOU MONEY! How? I am glad you asked!!

  • Quality Appliance is recycling over 7,000 pounds of metal and cardboard monthly, as well as recycling our paper products after shredding.
  • Instead of raising our prices in a time of economic stress for local families and trying to increase profits to make up for the shortfalls, Quality Appliance is streamlining and honing down procedures where we can so we can maintain our edge on offering you the lowest prices while keeping our business strong.

These minor changes in how we do business will have an enormous effect in reducing the carbon footprint of our business and our community.

We care about the values that matter to you. By providing hones, reasonable, reliable and reputable service to our customers, our family has built one of the northwest’s largest appliance service and repair businesses. We thank you for your business, and want you to know we really do care- from our family, TO YOURS!

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